Wednesday, June 6, 2007

cloth {napkins}

I switched to cloth napkins about two months ago. In an effort to "go green" along with "doing my part" I stopped buying paper towels and napkins and headed to my local Crate and Barrell.

Oh the joy...I never knew napkins could be so fun. They spice up the dinner table {without hurting your tastebuds}. Another design piece for the home. And really, I do laundry several times a week so what is it to toss in a few more napkins to the load?

I actually went to a CB outlet where I bought cloth napkins for $1.50/each. But, there is fun to be had when shopping online too. Mix and Match. Patterns and Solids. Floral and Dots.

Crate and Barrell {funky}

Pottery Barn {classic}

CB2 {simple}

Crate and Barrell {dessert!}

And really if you are a seamstress, you could make them yourself with your own fun fabrics such as these.
Not to mention, the fun one could have using napkin rings throughout all the holidays and seasons...


  1. I like that some have these have the look of paper napkins....even though i love "going green" products, i am still a paper addict...i just can't help myself!

  2. Missy, what did you replace your paper towels with? Mike and I both have issues with rags. They get icky and smelly too quickly- Any ideas?

    I love the C&B napkins.

  3. Kathryn, just replace your rags (almost) every time you use them. Maybe that's a little much..but I go through a couple a day. That way, it's clean, I wash them next time I'm doing laundry, and we're saving the trees.

  4. I use dish towels. Is that what you are meaning by rags? Even if you just cut down the amount of paper towels?


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