Monday, June 11, 2007

baby bling bows {part two}

Remember Baby Bling Bows, the darling headband/make your own bow site?

The owner, Summer Harris, left a comment on the original post. In case you missed it:

The difference between the small and large is mostly the size of the flower and/or bow. Since our headband is so stretchy a small could actually fit an adult! You should select a size depending on your baby (newborns and more petite babies usually wear a small) and your personal preference. Also, you can order the other styles from the Bow Builder page. If you would prefer a headband with only a bow, and no flower, you just select the "x" in the flower color options. The Bow Builder will just grey-out the flower. It may not look exactly like your actual bow will, but you'll have a pretty good idea.

Thanks again for all of your positive comments. When you decide to order bows, type "blog" in the promo code and I will give you a 15% discount and free shipping!

Thank you Baby Bling Bows!

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