Monday, June 11, 2007

game night.

I am the game champion in my house. Somehow, Bradley has never won a round of Scattergories or Yahtzee or Scrabble {our classic go-tos when we're looking for a diversion from bad weather, bad t.v. or... if we're simply wanting quality time together}. Maybe it's luck on my side or maybe it's the years of practice from Sunday night Set Rummy play offs in the Sullivan home. Regardless of winning or losing, we like games.

My current {very} favorite:

slots by front porch classics:

"this casino tin offers an original, fast paced head-to-head dice game where players compete for high stakes. Try to wipe out your opponent as you walk away with all the chips. Game set includes 10 slot dice and wagering chips. For 2 players ages 8 to adult." Available here.

All assumed scandal aside, it's fun, easy and harmless.


  1. We're on a Phase 10 kick. We love playing games. Scrabble is always fun too. But, this one looks good. I should think about getting it for Father's Day...

  2. Try Ticket to Ride Europe...we love that game right now.


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