Monday, June 25, 2007

from the kitchen.

If you haven't discovered it yet, browse delicious days- a beautiful presentation of anything life in the kitchen. Matthew Drennan, editor of Delicious Magazine, recounts, "This is a really intimate food blog from a German couple in Munich, and revels in the personal nature of food. At first I wondered why on earth I should care about what the get up to, but after a while I just did, which is intriguing and worrying at the same time."

This month's most recent post: How to Organize Recipes, is inspiring. I love organization and I want to expand my collection of Burgoyne family meals: tried and true. Their methods of recipe organization are helpful and beautiful even.

The author says, "Despite my affinity to the computer per se and as much as I appreciate the web as a vast inspirational resource, I simply cannot become friends with electronic recipe organization." Read more here.

I love idea #3 for recipe organization: Successful, “to-keep” recipes are written down in a special notebook. And I really love the idea of going back to handwritten recipes, leaving a personal tale of passion and success among the batter splatters and greasy finger prints.

{In their own words}:

Here is how to turn your Moleskine notebook into a recipe book:
1. Decide which recipe sections you want to use for segmentation (I used the same as for my folder, see above) and how many pages you want to dedicate to each section.
2. Keep a few empty pages either in the front or back for other purposes, like general tips or information.
3. To separate the sections use self-adhesive tabs or design your own choosing a decorative font as well as different colors. If you’re happy with my way of categorizing recipes you can download my tabs draft here » (PDF, 371 KB, print in 100%)
4. Stick a couple of Post-it notes on the inside of the cover to be able to easily and visibly comment previously written recipes.
5. Write down every keep-worthy recipe as detailed as possible - ingredients, instructions, yield, preparation time, tasting notes, ideas, tips, pitfalls, source, etc. - and try to develop a consistent style.
6. Mark your favorite recipes with color markers, little icons or stickers.

Read more for a more thorough tutorial and step by step photos.


  1. Those tabs you made were really cool!

  2. I wish I made those tabs...but it's all the author(s) of delicious days. I think I'll take advantage. The project looks like a fun one.

  3. I LOVE this Kelli! I have so many loose recipes on paper that I've printed out that I would love to take a night and actually get some organization to it all.

  4. I found you through Kristen's Taylor Made Design blog and am enjoying your posts. I especially love your thoughts on recipe organization in this post. I'll be back!


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