Wednesday, June 13, 2007


It's called Cacti.

Remember the Shabby Apples dresses our houseguest Kathryn mentioned earlier on our blog? These are the Shabby Apples for men. But, they're ties, not dresses. They're quality and affordable and all around nice for the men in our life. Cacti was started by my friend's brother, a Wharton Business School grad.

My husband is a picky suit/tie wearer. He only wears Joseph Abboud suits and his ties must fit with such criteria. Cacti {ties} are comparable to the other J.Crew or Brooks Brothers ties in Devin's closet. They're all woven {not printed} and you won't see any fringey pieces escape. They're traditional and stylish and the cost? Completely affordable. $18 for one! $15 for two and $11 for five. They are polyester, not silk, which is the biggest difference. But, honestly, I didn't notice when comparing with the rest of the ties in his closet.

You won't get the Faconabble label on the back of the tie, but you'll be happy. Mention Tangled and True {put a "T" by your name} and you'll get free shipping.


  1. Mike is obsessed with ties (Facconable & BB are his favorites). But oh my gosh- expensive! This looks like a great option. I hope he approves. :)

  2. I think we have the same friend...Ann Marie Giles?? What a small world.


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