Monday, June 25, 2007


I love small home accents. Dish towels totally do it for me. I'm especially in love with Tikoli. View all here.

{Image from Tikoli}


  1. these are beautiful! I love the "flax" pattern. my only issue with tea towels is the lack of absorbancy. have you tried these yet?

  2. I was just going to ask the same question! I have the Williams Sonoma towels and they are terrible at drying anything. These towels have a much better pattern/color choice--maybe they work better too???

  3. I haven't tried them, but I think I'll get ONE to test it out. I have some CB dish towels that are great, but not absorbent at all, which bugs. It seems that the absorbency comes from the simple waffle-like dish towels, right?

    I'll let you know. I like the one pictured. It doesn't really match my house though. I like Flax too Kelli.

  4. I am into orange these days. They will be a nice addition to my kitchen. Maybe I will check out the local store that sells these.


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