Wednesday, June 13, 2007


If you claim outdoor enthusiast or even practical parent, Woobee is a product worth knowing- created by a mother who wanted "a highly effective and functional product line that is cozy for children and cool for parents."

Woobee is an all weather blanket that offers a protective barrier for your child {durable weather resistant nylon backing} as well as a soft side {polyester that encourages a good snuggle}. Woobee blankets are offered in velvet, plush and print, each with cool contrast stitching and "the clever custom made grosgrain ribbon tie design allows the All Weather Woobee to be securely attached to strollers, front packs, infant car seats, etc."

For even the newest Woobee enthusiasts, there is a Woobee burps line as well as Woobee bibs.

If they are as practical as they are cool looking, I'm sold. {And free shipping in the continental US for all online orders!}


  1. These look great--and soooo soft! I was excited to see you can custom order size large enough for a picnic blanket. I love the Chocolate and Pistachio.

  2. These do look good! I always put a blanket on Ave for our morning runs, but it ends up sliding off and I'm throwing it in the basket underneath.

    Goldmine. Woobees is just that.

  3. A picnic blanket would be amazing. And great choice with the chocolate/pistachio, Tara. Let us know if you end up getting one.


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