Wednesday, June 13, 2007

pedicure perfect.

I have a hard time showing my feet unless they are soft and smooth {which doesn't come naturally for me}. Summer is the perfect time to loosen up and go casual: throw on a pair of favorite flip flops and enjoy the sun. I have found my favorite starter kit for a {self made} summer perfect pedicure:

1.foot rest: soothing foot soak, $19.50.

2.sole searcher: soothing foot scrub, $19.50

3.step lively: energizing foot cream, $19.50

{For some helpful pedicure tools, look here.}


  1. I use the foot cream- It smells Heavenly and works great! Highly recommended.

  2. I'm really excited about this post b/c as nice as it is to get a pedicure from a salon, I always hate the smell of the lotion and wish I brought my own. I think I might like giving myself a quality ped instead. And maybe have my husband offer the calf massage.


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