Thursday, June 28, 2007

serena and lily paint.

Since you're on the train with the non toxic cleaners, recycling program and organic layettes, let's talk paint. "Traditional paint with its high levels of volatile organic compounds (nasty inhalable gases that can compromise air quality) is obviously out." Serena & Lily Paints have brought us environmentally friendly {and safe!} wall color in 15 shades. They claim safe enough for nurseries and versatile enough for any room needing a green makeover. I was sold at "scrubbable finish."

{via Urban Baby}


  1. I am such a fan! It's hard to know where to begin with everything eco-friendly so tips like these are great!

  2. Serena & Lily now have 26 Low VOC paint choices - 24 matte wall colors and 2 wall trims! My current favorite is the Serena & Lily Wharf Wall Paint, which would look great in any room!


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