Wednesday, June 6, 2007

baby bling bows

I'm impressed. Lizzy the Botanist {our featured blog of the week} tipped me off to Baby Bling Bows.

Baby Bling allows you to customize a headband {or clip!} for your baby girl of choice {Think: your own daughter, your coworker's soon-to-be, your friend that's expecting.}

They're adorable. Check the site out here.

PS: If you live in Utah, they are located at various locations throughout the state.


  1. I think I'll get one for Makena's next photo session. UHhh that is, if she'll keep it on her head!

  2. How funny. I found this site last night looking for Sofia a bow for a wedding next weekend. So cute. I hope it can get here in time! I like that you can build it yourself to go with a dress!

  3. Do you know the prices? I didn't see any on their site.

  4. Good question Kate! I will write and ask.

  5. i wrote and asked about prices, and what "small and large" really means. i havent gottena a responce beck yet. so if you find out, please do post! i am loving it! also, there are pictures of a number of bows, but i could only find one to "build". do they sell the others? i am so glad you posted this site...i am excited to buy! (as soon as i get the answers!:)

  6. Prices! We've got prices. They are $10 for the small bows and $14 for the large bows. It is in reference to the flower on the headband.

    And there is an option to take off the headband and choose a clip.

  7. Hello! This is Summer from baby BLiNG.
    First of all, thank you so much for your support of our products. Secondly, I apologize that some things are not very understandable, your comments are very helpful though, and we are working on making our website more user friendly :)
    Just to answer a few questions, the difference between the small and large is mostly the size of the flower and/or bow. Since our headband is so stretchy a small could actually fit an adult! You should select a size depending on your baby (newborns and more petite babies usually wear a small) and your personal preference. Also, you can order the other styles from the Bow Builder page. For example, if you would prefer a headband with only a bow, and no flower, you just select the "x" in the flower color options. The Bow Builder will just grey-out the flower. It may not look exactly like your actual bow will, but you'll have a pretty good idea.
    Thanks again for all of your positive comments. When you decide to order bows, type "blog" in the promo code and I will give you a %15 discount and free shipping!
    Please don't hesitate to contact me, via the webiste, with any other questions. --Summer Harris


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