Monday, June 18, 2007

morgan and milo

I'm sure I'm on the slow boat when it comes to discovering this hip company that brings funky and fun shoes to the table for a little less than the Nordstrom price tag (the only shoe source I know, really).

Even more reason to love them? They are quirky:

"We {heart} the lobster roll from Red's Eats on an August afternoon. We {heart} classic movies like Auntie Mame, Tootsie and Mad Max (all 3 of them). We {heart} the notion that things should be beautiful, unusual, and that they should last forever. We {heart} the idea that nothing is ever finished and nothing is ever perfect. We grow, we dream, we experience all the nuances life has to offer. We {heart} loving what we do. We {heart} the style of Paul Smith, Etro and Marni, even though we can't pull any of them off. We {heart} the lifestyle of Tricia Guild. We {heart} the River Café in London. We {heart} lunch out with mother. We {heart} our unofficial mascot Oliver, my sister's beautiful cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We {heart} vacations at the beach. We {heart} to have fun, to celebrate everything and know that the best is yet to come."


  1. my son had some morgan & milos when he was two. i was so sad when he outgrew them! i got them at a discount and loved them so much!

  2. Fabulous shoes Kelli. As usual, awesome choice.


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