Thursday, June 7, 2007

latest {and greatest!}

Dado Cubes. I think it might be considered a modern-Lego of sorts. But, better, maybe? They're a twist on building blocks. They stack and interlock and are three dimensional. Ranging in sizes from 1-5 inches, these cubes are pretty cool. I actually think my husband and I could get just as into them if we spent a Monday night at home building blocks {er, cubes}.

They seem to be the craze right now. Not only for the "fun" built within the seemingly simple design. They're educational too. Ready recognition of larger patterns, intuition, a sense of proportion, imaginative vision, the original and unexpected approach, and the apt connection between apparently unrelated things...

I might just have to try them out.

{image and quote from Sparkability}


  1. I love blocks. Obviously, these are a little advanced for a 14 month old, but Cole loves stacking more than anything. These would even just look great pre-built in the nursery until they are age-appropriate. Great find!

  2. Cool blocks. I have to get these for my daughter.

  3. As the designer and developer of Dado, I love to read about first hand experiences with our product. For Kelli, while the recommended age is 3+, Dado does possess the unique quality of broad age appeal, in fact, we designed them that way. A toddler will do what's natural to them and stack them on their sides, one of top of the other. A little older child will stack them sequentially. Then at some point, a child will experience that "AHA!" moment when they figure out what the slits are for and how they can be used. That's when the true magic happens! And as you mentioned, Dado is still incredibly relevant to adults who have an eye for design. We've heard from many adults that have bought them for use as an interactive centerpiece in their home. Thanks for your interest in Dado Cubes!

  4. Great to hear from you Mark! We love hearing from the designers themselves. The product does speak for itself, but the "aha!" moment you described is magic for a parent to watch.

    Thank you!


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