Sunday, April 1, 2007

Mr. Clean

Spring cleaning is just around the corner. Deep clean where you roll up your sleeves, tie a hankerchief in your hair and move the furniture out of the way.

I am here to attest that the Mr.Clean Magic Erasers are the way to go for just about any mess. The microwave is a great example. We recently had a hutch brought up our stairs and our walls got dirty from the moving blankets they had around it. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser got them off before I could even yell out Devin's name. They are amazing. If you have white cupboards (I do), they help wipe away little finger prints.

Here are some other tips for ways to use them.


  1. It sounds like I need to make a purchase. My sister (Lindsey) swears by them as well. Great idea. I haven't planned on when I'm going to tackle Spring cleaning yet.

  2. Where did you buy your hutch? What does it look like? Pictures?

  3. Oh, I need to take pictures of it. We got it at Ethan Allen. Does Utah have that store? I like it. I'll post pictures on my blog tomorrow.

  4. oh i swear by these as well! We have been sick at our house, and those cough medicine stains that get on the counter come off in seconds! grapejuice...anything! it 's great!

  5.! I really like Ethan Allen. I'm a fan of their new "casuals" line commercials.


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