Monday, April 9, 2007


I was always very social growing up and loved having friends. Especially one best friend. I have really good memories of my kindergarten crush with David Bailey and meeting Jennifer Whitty in 2nd grade and Jenny Allen if 5th. Sometimes best friends (or good friends) turn into husbands and forever pen palls. I married Bradley, who I coined one of my closest friends in high school. And I really like talking to Juice every once in a while, who I met on one of the craziest adventures of my life. I tell Brad that I need to live in California for several reasons, including the fact that it's Missy's home. She's one of my favorite friends. And it's always good to get a very comfortable email from Kathryn or to schedule a quick play group with Mandy...and the list goes on and on. If I'm being honest, my best friend right now is Cole. It's hard to understand a relationship with a one year old being so gratifying and fun but it is and I hope everyone lives that one day. I still need good friends and my thoughts about this have transitioned to Cole's future experience with his BFFs.

Isn't just exciting to think that one day, Cole (or insert your own child's name) will be sitting on the reading mat in kindergarten and he'll connect with another little girl or boy and will come home to ask me if so and so can come over to play? Or that he and that same so and so will probably carve their initials into some tree that will forever be changed by friendliness. I love these thoughts. And I love this post that a friend I met in Boston wrote... and photographed this whole idea so perfectly.
[illustration by Daniele Young.]


  1. You need to get that picture Kelli. It is a great representation of you and Bradley, I think.

    BFF's are the best. And I think about who Avery will bring home someday and how the interaction will begin and win. I'm glad you wrote this.

    I agree, you do need to live in California. Sooner rather than later.

  2. This is one of my favorite posts of yours, Kelli. It's so true. My BFF's have shaped my life, to be certain. When I was a little girl (and probably even in high school and early college), I wanted to be JUST like my best friends. Now... I like that I have unique things to bring to the table. It's fun to meet in the middle with people who are different than you, or at a different stage of life. I also appreciate (more so now than at other stages of life) what I learn from my friends... how to be good moms, citizens, people. Hopefully most of my real friendships are give AND take. That is the best.


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