Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I'm a temporary mom of five right now (a mom to one of those five permanently). The other day I went to Old Navy in search of a cute replacement swimsuit for my daughter (we left her swimsuit at home accidentally). I found this one. And then I also came across a green polka-dotted pair of wellies! How could I pass them up? They are no longer on the website, but I did find some on JCrew Crewcuts that are equally adorable.

Wellies + toddlers = insanely adorable. A must.


  1. Hi Lindsey. You ARE busy!

    Wellies are a must ESPECIALLY if you're living in England, right?! I remember rubber boots being one of my first purchases in 8th grade after a trip to some part of the English countryside {near our home} on a rainy day.
    You just get used to being comfortable in rain gear in general. It made me love cool umbrellas.

  2. I would say these are a must if you live in England, or Seattle ;-). I am sure they are adorable on toddlers, but they would also be cute on you!

    I had generic black ones growing up, really only used when helping in the yard. The styles are much more fun now!

  3. oh yes, I am definitely getting my own pair of wellies sometime soon. Now that Isobel is walking, we will be spending lots of time in the garden!

  4. I hope that adults + wellies = adorable, too, because I wear mine all the time. :) NYC forces you to be outside more than you would wish on especially rainy days, and I couldn't live without my black with white polka-dots pair.

    I lived in Seattle after graduating from high school... It POURED rain every single day for the 3+ months I lived there. Absolutely miserable. But the funny thing- No one wore rainboots. Or used umbrellas. I think that they are just so used to the rain that they just throw up their coat hood and call it good. Hmm.

    I love cute umbrellas, too, especially the fun prints that JCrew always has. They are my favorite. I'm trying to find an excuse to get a new one (there is a fun one that matches a belt I have- fun flowers and butterflies all over it), but I still have a very cute striped one (multi-colored) that Mike bought me for my birthday last year.


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