Wednesday, April 18, 2007

pajama party.

I love pajamas. {For myself and just pajamas in general.} Cole's in the market, so I've done some looking. The key is comfort without compromising quality {they get a lot of wear} or individual taste. Here are my top picks {and please let me know if you have other suggestions. I keep returning to the same stores for comfy, toddler clothes}:
p.s. Why doesn't American Apparel sell baby pajamas?

Baby Style's {amazingly soft!} Cool Stripes One Piece.
Look here for my favorite girly version.
Tip: get on their email list. They are constantly sending out coupons!

Baby Gap's classic Robot Footed Sleeper {on sale!} or Multi-Colored Fish Sleeper.
Look here for my favorite girly version.

Mmm. Maybe we need to do a post on women's pajamas. General rule: you can never have too many!


  1. i like the hanna andersson zippers for pajamas. they're kind of spendy but they have a foldable cuff on the arms and legs so your child can grow with them, and they're made of organic cotton.

  2. I love PJs that are separates. it is so much easier when it comes time to changing diapers and not having to snap buttons.

  3. Oh and I love the multi-colored sleep set. very cute. And yes! American Apparel should do baby pjs.

  4. Hmm. I'm no expert on baby jammies, but I (bolded "I") love pajamas. :) I think I have 12 pairs of pajama pants. I used to just wear them with a tank top to bed, but thanks to recent (well, 2 years ago) developments that came with marriage, etc., I wear Gap's seamless t's most nights. :) I REALLY like to wear old-man pajams (e.g., blue striped cotton pants with a button-down cotton top), but they are a little harder to find. I need to find a cute new pair.


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