Monday, April 30, 2007

Canvas Totes, Period.

I'm sure quite of few have heard of the bag above. If you haven't you can read this article. Or listen {read?} me give the gist of it:

It launched in London on April 25th and sold out within hours after release. Anya Hindmarch set out to help solve the plastic bag problem. When she heard that a single person uses 167 plastic bags a year, she wanted to make a difference. Why wouldn't it? It's fashionable, enviro-friendly and makes you look and feel like a PR rep for Mother Earth. Love it. Watch for the bag in the US in June. You can sign up to be notified for launch dates near you here.

But, this got me thinking. Using reusable grocery sacks is an easy way to help the environment. It ranks up there with changing your lightbulbs. Fairly inexpensive plus ultra quick results making yourself feel good. And if you're looking to make a difference today, here are some options below.
Target $12.99

JCrew $9.99

Delias $19.50

Lands End $19.00


  1. PS: If you have a Trader Joe's around you, they sell reusable bags for as little as 99 cents. It's a steal!

  2. I use the trader joes ones too! They are red and kind of cute! You cant beat 99 cents either. I think they emter your name in a monthly drawing everytime you use your bag or something. I really do like the heart one and the one wish world. Thanks for the finds!

  3. cute bags. I'm a fan of all of them. I'm thinking that maybe I'll try to get the anya hindmarch bag when it gets to the states and then have someone ship it to me.

  4. I bought the cotton Trader Joe's bag. I think it's kind of cute, and fits all my groceries. It's a bit more expensive than the red bags ($3.99) but I thought it was worth it. :)

  5. I love the bag idea, but I would need to buy about ten because when I go to the grocery store, I go all out. One bag would not cut it. I can't afford to buy ten bags, but maybe if I just bought one at a time eventually I would have enough to not use any plastic bags when I go.

  6. Heidi, I think you would be surprised at how much you can put into the canvas totes rather than the paper or plastic bags at the market. I usually only use three canvas bags filled with food from TJ's.

  7. Love having tons of totes around anyway. We like to pack a lot of library books around here, park gear and blah, blah and blah. Moms needs totes. Those are all fun ones. In addition to those, check out Beth's Market Bags on Ebay... so cute, handmade and oilcloth in and out perfect for groceries because they can be wiped out with a clorox wipe or soapy rag. Sorry to go on and on... i love bags. :)

  8. Hey Folks, just a quick hello from The Silly Wagon! We have our own super cute, large tote that carries a TON of groceries, with extra long handles too! It's on sale this week. By the way I heard that the Anya tote is $900!!! Yikes
    Ours is a steal at $17.95 at and by the way, thank you to all of you for your great participation in our giveaway!


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