Thursday, April 26, 2007


We've been talking green quite a bit lately. It makes sense, right: healthy, clean, safe, charitable, unique.. equals cool. That's my take. But sometimes it's hard to make great ideas turn into great lifestyle when the resources are a bit limited {or at least hard to find}.

Now, take a good look at Sprig. It's not only making green stylish, but accessible. Green food, fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle. All in one place. A design savvy site that tells me, for example, about:

Recycline Preserve Jr. Toothbrushes:

why it's good: The pea pod grips and the unique Preserve angle help kids brush properly and comfortably; the bristles are soft enough for their teeth and gums. Plus, it comes in three fun colors, which is all your kid really cares about when it comes to a toothbrush.
why it's green: The handle is made from recycled materials (including Stonyfield Farm yogurt cups); you can return the toothbrush when it's time for a new one (Recycline provides you with a postage-paid return envelope) and the company will grind it up to make material for recycled plastic lumber. All Recycline's packaging is made from recyclable materials.
note: Price shown is for a pack of 4. $11


Rootcorn Woollyhoodwinks Collection: Ludic

why it's good: Your little one will instantly develop a soft spot for this spunky, strong-willed creature who looks vaguely lost.
why it's green: Made of select wool with loving care, and by hand, which means less energy is used and less pollution is produced than in industrial production. $29.95


Cotton Monkey Sweet Jane Hooded Towel

why it's good: Your little monkey will love being bundled up in this colorful, cozy, absorbent hooded towel after bath time.
why it's green: The fabric is 100% certified organic cotton and contains no formaldehyde or chlorine bleach; the colorful design is made using non-toxic water-based pigments and dyes. $48

Very easy. Click on a category, then a subcategory, then a picture...and cha product. Everything you could want to know.

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  1. kelli. this is your best find yet. the toothbrush is in my shopping cart right now.


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