Thursday, April 5, 2007

zara home

I've posted about how I fell in love with Zara Home while in Spain. Since being back, I've made a couple trips to their London Zara Home stores (I didn't know they did the homestores here...there are only 3 home ones).

I was looking at some of our new lovely links - love them. Decor8 posts about Zara Home, but I can't link to the post.

Anyway, they've updated their Home site and you can flip through the catalog. It's fresh, natural. I like what Decor8 calls it: "...a little bit of the Beachy Keen and the Nurturing Naturalist combined". I'm a fan, though I don't think I'd have the guts to do all white (the stores of LOTS more colors than white). I also wish they had a kids catalog...


  1. It's beautiful! A little too shabby chic for my style, but I would love to own a vacation home in Greece (or Tahiti) and decorate it just like that. It's calming and refreshing...and would really push you to be an amazing housekeeper. Kids=impossible to own an all white home.

  2. Lindsey...I love it! In some ways having an all white catalog gives you a sense of the textures and the style of their store even better. I can totally visualize it with more color though. I love it! My bedroom will someday come from there I have well as the earthy, yet sophisticated kitchens. Loveit!!! thanks...I am so glad you found the catalog, since I couldn't get much off the site last time. And, the little they do have of their kids line, makes me think of more options for a play room someday!


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