Thursday, April 12, 2007

desk duty.

{Photo courtesy of Bluelines blog.}

I love home organization. My dream space to organize and decorate would be an office with a long, black wood desk (check), flat screen computer (check) and amazing accessories {necessary for the writer/blogger/organization weirdo, I think}. Note: this post was inspired by the "craft of the week" (of sorts) that I posted on Wednesday. So, imagine your dream desk, dream computer, and really great carpet squares bulletin board, and then add:

a vintage wire letter holder for $28.75 or Target's Wire Mesh Step Organizer for $10 less.

Find the perfect file folders to match your style. {I like stripes, dots, and chic letterpress for around $14.50 per set.} Paper Source is always a good fall back for amazing office supplies.

I love a magnetic magazine pocket for the catalogs, etc. that still need sorting. {To the right of the carpet square board, of course..}

Now, accessorize!

1. An amazing mouse pad turned notepad for only $8.50.

2. Desktop storage cans {with strip} that can be filled with Super Clips, or colorful rubberbands.

3. A cool pencil case/cup filled with simple wooden pencils from a store like Muji. {There's rumor that they're opening one in the U.S. Until then, maybe we can place orders with Lindsey?}

4. A tried and true favorite that makes for a perfect desktop gadget: a "staple less stapler" like this one.

Finally, in the dream decorating {the desk} project, I would have a stack of simple composition notebooks. After all, I am a blogger.

Any other favorites?


  1. i love see jane work! What a great site! It is so important to have an inspiring work space! Great finds. I have the magazine rack, and i love them...I have three on my wall in a vertical row, and i love it. Also, that mouse pad is a great find! I will have to get one of those!

  2. Very nice Kelli. Huge fan of the anti-staple stapler. That's the kind of thing every office needs, I think.

    I think I would add one side of the dream office with nice wrapping paper and ribbons rolls so that I could send packages to my friends on a weekly basis.

  3. I just want an apartment big enough for a desk. Sigh.


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