Monday, April 9, 2007

baby books

Check these baby books out. Aren't they beautiful? I love them. I found them when I was pregnant and my mom ended up getting me a different one so I never went back to the site. Now that it has been a year and I've been filling it out, I'm starting to feel the way the owner, Jennifer Allers, describes her experience...

When my daughter was born, I searched high and low for a baby keepsake book that she would be proud to take to first grade show and tell and to someday share with her children when she had a family of her own. The concept was simple, finding it was not. The birth of Poppy & Mimi was developed upon a very basic principle: to provide a baby book that captured those once in a lifetime memories and to preserve it in a way that represented your child's individuality. Our fabric covers range from traditional toile to funky leopard.

I want something that captures Avery's personality. It seems that the Poppy and Mimi Keepsake Books have found a way to do just that, unique for each child {and parent} while at the same time offering simple space to share your own moments in the life of your baby.


  1. I still don't have a keepsake book. I'm looking into this tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy. What we need to find as well: a GOOD company that will print blogs.

  2. Kelli, have you looked at for printing blogs? I don't know how good/reliable they are as I've never used them, but the website is nice.

  3. Yes, is supposedly pretty good at printing out blogs Kelli. Check it out

  4. I know that lots of digital scrapbookers print books at blurb. they all love them. I have opened a free account there for making another book and think that it is very easy to use. I plan on usinf them to print out my blog each year.


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