Wednesday, April 25, 2007


"Who says counting sheep to fall asleep only works for grown-ups?"

Let's discuss mobiles for a minute. I'm a huge fan of hanging them in a baby/kids room. From the newborn moments to the budding toddler I now I have, Ave loves her butterfly mobile. It hangs over the rocker and after reading books, we always say "Night, night" to the butterflies before nap and bedtime. You ask her "where are the butterflies?" and she immediately points to the feminine insects.

Over the past couple years, new mobiles have been introduced. We're not confined to the plush, "clip on the side of the crib" kind. New mobiles are constantly being introduced. Like the sheep one pictured above {from Modern Nursery}.

Or wall mobiles. They are a great way to liven up the nursery decor without painting or stenciling.

And who doesn't believe in love at first sight? Kelli added a Bla Bla mobile into her Dream Nursery {featured here}. We love Bla Bla's mobiles. I think the one below is my favorite.

So many to choose from! And I love them all...Secret Confession: I really want one in my master bedroom. Like maybe this one?

*Please be advised! Remove mobiles from child-reach areas as your litte one could pull it down resulting in a health hazard.


  1. I love mobiles. They add so much character to a crib/baby room. Bla Bla mobiles ARE great. Cute that Ave's mobile is above the rocker now. That's a good idea.

  2. The sheep and bird mobiles are really cool. They're art. You could definitely have them in a master bedroom!
    {And of course, I'm always soft for anything blabla!}

  3. wow, i never thought mobiles were so cool. way to go miss, you have talked me into something else i don't need but now desperately want.


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