Friday, April 20, 2007


All this talk about picnicking is making me excited for summer dinners with the sliding glass door open, an amazing candle burning on the kitchen counter, and good friends.

When Brad and I did our wedding registry {4 years ago}, we opted for white dinnerware in order to be able to collect colorful and/or patterned bowls and plates and serving dishes to accessorize the table. I constantly use my latte bowls in every color variety they sell, but could use {need?} serving dishes and plates to start building the collection. For me, Summer equals color and floral. Here are my favorite finds:

inside out bowls: Anthropologie, $8 each.

wild cabbage dinnerware: Anthropologie, $12-18.

garden plates: Crate and Barrel, $7-9.

aster serving bowl: Home&Haven.


  1. Ooh...sounds similar to our house. I love colorful bowls along with our white CB dinnerware.

    Anthropologie is always a great source for accessories whether it be in the kitchen or jewelry.

  2. LOVE THEM!!! I am so inpsired! when I think of summer that is what I think of too! I love the anthropology bowl the best. how darling!

  3. Kelli, I love the C&B plates. I looked at them when I was there yesterday and tried REALLY hard to think of a reason why I absolutely needed them. Sigh. Someday.

  4. Yes, I am inspired to go out and buy some fun colorful dinner accessories now!


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