Monday, April 9, 2007

eating and thanking

Would I ever spend $75 on a 3-piece dish set for my daughter? Probably not. But, Kate Spade has a couple fun sets. Nice modern, clean designs. I like.

Something I would buy? The Quip Thank You Cards. The cards add a fresh voice to traditional thank you cards with different phrases like, "It's Perfect", "You shouldn't have, but I'm glad you did" or "You've done it again". Love them.


  1. I've liked these for a while! The only way I would spend the $75 is if I used it as art, which could be a fun idea. The notecards are great. I'm a paper lover. Could you tell how many came in the set?

  2. There are 8 cards in a set.

    Art is a good justification.

  3. They are cute. It's almost as if they are modern with a tiny vintage flair, right? I guess it is the sheep that looks a little old school to me. I like it.


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