Saturday, March 31, 2007

formerly the e3 {update}.

Remember all the stroller talk a while back and I gave my two cents about my favorite (and current) stroller: the Phil and Ted's E3? And I talked about how much I loved it despite the two flaws I found with the design: 1. The 5-point harness system was loose and 2. a infant car seat couldn't be strapped in. Well, Phil and Ted's has come out with a new model: The Sport, and problems...solved! [1. I figured out that-all along, the harness system was adjustable and 2. now they have a car seat adaptor for the times where you just need the convenience of leaving the sleepy baby alone (in the car seat).]
This is what Magic Beans (where I bought our stroller) has to say:

Sport Single 2007 (formerly the E3) The Phil & Teds Sport is one of the most clever and flexible strollers on the market, and a personal favorite of ours. As a single stroller, it has many advantages. It steers well, is lightweight, folds up compactly and has a convenient carry bar, making it easy to hoist in and out of a car trunk. We hear many parents say, “I wish I’d bought this before my first baby was born.” In fact, this stroller is such a conversation piece that many of our customers keep a stack of Magic Beans business cards close at hand when they take it out for a spin. If you have (or plan on having) kids within one to three years of each other, the Sport is a great choice. With the optional doubles kit, it adapts to accommodate a newborn and a toddler, or two toddlers. The Sport is the most convenient double stroller on the market. It is nimble enough for many types of situations. It wheels easily into a doctor’s office, folds well for trips to the mall and maneuvers smoothly through crowds at outdoor fairs. Although some parents are initially skeptical of the top/bottom design, toddlers almost always love the rear seat for its novelty, privacy and proximity to their grownup. And there's a nifty new recline feature that is effective for a small second rider. Consider the doubles kit even if you only have one child - it makes great extra storage space, and besides, you never know when you'll get a second rider. The Sport is a good fit for grownups too, no matter what their height. The handlebar has a ratchet-style adjustment mechanism that lets you easily move it up and down. (An upgrade from last year's model, which offered just two handlebar heights.) They've added a slight bend to the handlebar too, giving it an ergonomic feel. The alloy and steel frame is lightweight and sturdy, the air tires provide a smooth ride and the rear wheels release quickly with the push of a button. The front wheel can be locked for uneven terrain or light jogging. The Sport comes with an easily removable bumper bar and a newly redesigned, stronger sun canopy with a peep window. The fabric is sturdy, water repellant and easily washable with a garden hose. There are also a number of well-made accessories available (sold separately), like the infant “cocoon” (amazing soft-sided carrycot for newborns), Velcro on pannier bags for carrying gear, and single and double sun and rain covers. (Be sure to buy the sun and rain cover made specifically for the Sport.) There is also a car seat adaptor that is compatible with a number of of car seats, including Graco, Peg Perego and Britax. (Please note that the car seat adaptor should only be used when the stroller is configured as a single.) The Sport is suitable for newborns and will last well into the kid years. As a single it accommodates up to 55 pounds; as a double it accommodates up to 55 pounds in the main seat and up to 33 pounds in the second. (The heavier child should ride in the front.) Vital Statistics Width: 23"Height: 43"Folded: 36" x 23" x 11"Weight (without rear wheels): 17 lbs.Weight (with rear wheels): 21lbs.


  1. I saw somebody at the beach today with this stroller and it looked really nice. I kinda wanted on. I'm glad they fixed the problems too. I was like you with my jogger, I couldn't figure out how to make the straps tighter. Only once Devin sat down did he fix it.

    Good to know for your second (?) baby right?

  2. Missy, being able to buy the double stroller attachement is reason enough to have a second kid sooner than later. (kindof kidding..)

    Internet, forget Bugaboo. This is hip AND versatile. I'm pretty sure the Bugaboo can't jog. (Although I wouldn't mind one parked next to my Phil and Ted's which is parked next to my second car..)

  3. If I could justify it, I'd buy the Phil and Ted's right now. But since my Maclaren is just fine, I'm going to have to save purchasing it for the next one. I see this around the city more and more and I have a couple friends here who have it and love it.

    I am glad to hear it's problems were fixed!


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