Thursday, April 26, 2007

one world.

I was able to watch the American Idol: Idol Gives Back special last night. The focus was to save lives by fighting extreme poverty in both America and Africa. Donations will change the statistics. Like the fact that a child dies in our world every three seconds. From hunger or malaria or AIDS or violence {among others}. And prevention is possible. But I'm most impressed with the impact that a human connection will have on the world's suffering. Each one of us needs to find that connection. Because if the starving boy in Kenya with a giant tear rolling down his cheek was my little boy, I would put an end to his pain. And if watched my mother die of AIDS, or understood that 6,000 children are orphaned by AIDS every day, I would buy the medicine. One in four adults living in the developing world is illiterate. How would it feel to not be able to read? Or write?

I have lived in Honduras. I will forever have a love for Catrachas and Catrachos and anything Central American. They are my family. They taught me to love sincerely.
I have visited Africa. I have felt the spirit that only Africa emits. Africa has changed me. I want to take action.
I have given birth to a son. He has shown me the transformation that comes of sacrifice. I want to be a mother to the world.
I have been a counselor and pseudo parent to youth with psychiatric disorders. I will always be sensitive to and understanding of Schizophrenia and ADHD and Bipolar disorder and depression.
My point? I wouldn't feel for the Honduran or the African or the children or those with mental illness {as much as I could} if I didn't put myself in a position to know them. We need to connect. And that takes action.

How do we start? Maybe here. Or read the ideas I posted on my blog several months ago.


  1. I have never been to Africa yet I still feel for thos children. American Idol had me in tears last night!

  2. i don't watch tv, or even own one for that matter, so i am lost when it comes to all things american idol, however, your post mimics my own feelings. it is one thing to watch the world fall apart from one's suede coach and write a check from one's pottery barn desk; but to get up, get out there, and do something - that is what changes things (even if just for a moment.)

    check out this site:

  3. I believe that people need to connect to motivate action as well. No doubt, the best way to connect is to see and experience with one's own eyes.

    I'm passionate about this. Well put, Kelly.

  4. I love the "experience" posts. Good thoughts and a reminder to me Kelli...


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