Monday, April 30, 2007

the laundress.

Domino Magazine had an article in this months issue that I love: welcome to laundry camp. It's the story of Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Wieber, inventors of the luxury fabric care line, The Laundress. They give us "genius tips your dry cleaner doesn't want you to know."

But for those of you who are unfamiliar with The Laundress or who just enjoy a good tale of women-run company success {I'm passionate about supporting women with ambition and drive}, here's a little bit of girl talk, courtesy of Domino Magazine:
how did you become experts?
"'Lindsey and I had both studied textile and apparel design and management at Cornell, so we went back and took a crash course in detergency. We learned how to keep our line plant-based without adding dyes, sulfates, and toxic ingredients--because it's not only better for the environment but also for you and your clothes.'"
do you do your own laundry?
"'Yes, we even do other people's laundry. Our Sweater Service lets you send us your favorite pullover and we'll wash, soften and scent it until it looks like new, then mail it back to you."

Sounds heavenly to me. And the perfect gift for any woman, I think. For the products that make me dream of clean and fresh:

ironing water: I've always been a fan {and user}.

fabric fresh: can {and should} be used on everything.

wash and stain bar: think travel friendly and delicate enough for delicates.
Finally, for some laundry tips {welcome to laundry camp}, read here. Two pages of "clean little secrets" are also available in Domino's May issue.


  1. I'm going to buy this. I love how cute the bottle is. It makes keeping the ironing board out in the open almost stylish!

  2. the ironing water would actually be a perfect gift for my husband! He used ironing scented water once and is a forever fan...

  3. Ooh- this looks great, Kelli. I want some.

  4. This does look great Kelli. I always iron Devin's shirts so I think this would add a great touch to it.

    I like the name Laundress too. Add it to one of my "jobs" throughout the day.


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