Friday, April 13, 2007


Kelli has blogged about Haba toys on more than one occasion. We at Tangled and True love wooden toys and the durability they provide compared to plastic. And now with the plastic regulations regarding the use of phthalates we want to buy only the safest products for our little one's.

The Easter bunny brought Avery Riding with Tilly {shown above} in her basket this year. While it looks like it could be from Haba, it's actually from Plan Toys. They are a little less expensive than Haba, but provide the same simple and fun pleasure for our budding toddlers. I am a fan of the little kitchen, dancing alligator and tie the shoe toy.

You can read more about the use of phthalates here. Please do!


  1. That's scary. I prefer wood over plastic even regardless of the toxic chemicals. I like the durability, quality and "old school" appeal. is the perfect place to begin.

    Missy...I love the alligator! I've almost bought that. Maybe for Christmas. :)

  2. thanks missy! Addie is needing some dolls for her doll house...These are great! I really like the cars and train sets...Ian (and Addie) would love those. Great find.

  3. Okay, Izzy would LOVE the kitchen. No joke. Her cousin one and she is entertained by it forever. Good find!


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