Thursday, April 5, 2007


New book recommendation(s). We picked up Duck and Goose last night while we were in Barnes and Noble exchanging an Easter gift (book) that we already had. It's very cute. And another one that Cole sat all the way through. Great illustrations and fun story and just a different take on children's literature. Cole thought the blue bird character was funny. He laughed when blue bird came to play.

And, if you haven't already, please add this to your collection! I know...a little silly that Jamie Lee Curtis is writing books, but I love anything to do with acceptance and diversity and this tells the story of how we should live.
"Switching to the mother's perspective, the narrative emphasizes the importance of taking one's time, trying one's best ("that's more important than beating the rest") and making the world a better place "for the whole human race." "


  1. Oh, I will. I will! I will put both on my list for books for Avery. She is such a reader that I have no excuses for not spending money on books.

  2. I saw the Jamie Lee Curtis book awhile back...thanks for reminding. Duck and Goose sounds cute. We're picking up some book for Izzy in the US (they are twice as much here)!


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