Monday, April 16, 2007


During the second half of my life, my family lived in England and The Netherlands. I was a university student when Wassenaar {The Netherlands} was their home, but I definitely took part in the fresh bakeries and green grocers and plenitude of fresh, cheap flowers. I loved visiting during Christmas and summer and am considerably disappointed that my "home" is no longer in Europe.

Bradley and I often reminisce. We met in England and hope to bring our family to an ex-pat scenario sometime in the nearer than not future. In the meantime, we just talk about things like how cool it would be to shop completely European. They have a flare for color and pattern that usually sets itself apart from the humdrum of streamlined American baby clothing.

Here's my current fascination: Koeka.
I featured the Koeka Terry Pillow in my dream nursery post, but have since found some new favorites!

Colorful Terrycloth Bib: $11-12.

Terrycloth bib with Sleeves: $17

Colorful Terrycloth Burpcloth: $10

Koeka products are sold in the United States at Sons + Daughters boutique.


  1. love em...but what do you think about terry cloth bibs for a one year old? we switched to the plasitc ones (I just got a bunch of cool mod circles and squares print at Target) and they seem to be easier to clean and reuse. What do you think? I LOVE the site though! They have great products!

  2. Sarah, I like the concept of the plastic bibs (wipe off and reuse) and do have a couple...but I'm actually not a fan of the way they "hold up." They seem to fall apart easier. I do laundry enough that I don't mind adding a bib or two a day to the wash. To each her own, right?!

    Have you tried BuiltNY bibs? They wipe off as easily as the plastic ones but...are made out of a great material that is DURABLE. I'm a huge fan.


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