Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I know I'm all about using reusable grocery bags and I really am. I love the look, the durability, and the green-factor. But. If I were to use plastic bags on a more usual basis, I would definitely get one of these.

It has always bugged me to come home from the market with loads of plastic bags to just stuff them inside one another and throw them under the sink in a wad (or in a drawer) or worse yet, in the trash bin.

At least this snazzy storage bin hides the clutter and gives you a reason to re-use the bags. Easy to store too.


  1. much cheaper version available at IKEA. just as functional.

  2. I do get the plastic bags every once in a while so we can use them in the bathroom trashcans. I love this thing.. and need one! I do the stuff all the bags into one bag under the sink trick.

  3. There's a cheaper version of everything at IKEA, but how long does it last, and is it as georgous as this??

  4. This is great. I was laughing as I was reading the second bag in another, in a wad, under the kitchen sink....sounds just like my experience!


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