Wednesday, August 29, 2007

back to school.

I'm a runner so I like to peruse whenever I get a free moment, which isn't often, but when I do I'm always left a bit more inspired. I especially love Kristin's Armstrong's (Lance Armstrong's ex-wife) blog called Mile Markers. She writes like the reader is her friend, opening up her life experiences while giving details on her current marathon training at the same time. I enjoy it.

Her post this week is about her twin daughters first day of kindergarten. I suggest you read it (here), but I'll warn you. It caught the best of me and I choked up. Maybe it's the mother in me. Or maybe it's me picturing myself in her spot four years down the road.

Either way, if you found dropping your little one off to kindergarten for the first time difficult, know that you aren't alone.

{image from flickr}

1 comment:

  1. sweet article. first lost tooth and kindergarten (2 kids) all in one day is pretty huge. that's far off for us.. but it's exciting to think about. I'm sure I'll feel differently once I'm there (Cole going to Kindergarten).


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