Monday, August 13, 2007


I'm all about this philosophy:

babysparewear® is a line for baby that is all about mom: easy-care fabrics, versatile yet stylish designs, and compact portability for the mom on the go (is there any other kind?)
babysparewear® takes an innovative look at modern parenting to create clothing essentials that simplify life and streamline travel with baby. So mom can finally leave the house with at least a few minutes to spare…

Even better that it {babysparewear} is having this sale!


  1. and some times you just need a CLEAN blank canvas. Having one of those days today perhaps I should pop over for the new wee one.....

  2. I really, really like these. Next baby, I'm dressing my newborn in all of this.

  3. I just bought for my baby and one for my toddler. It will be perfect to keep in the car. I always kept an extra outfit in the car for each of them but now they will be packaged sleek and chic! LOVE IT!


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