Thursday, August 30, 2007

built ny {part two}

We've talked about Built NY around here before. Personally, I love the Tidy Bib. But! They just came out with a lunchbox, called the Munchler. Like the rest of their products, they are made from durable polypropylene insulating food and water like none other. And they unzip flat into a placemat.

$9.99 {and lots of trees saved}


  1. I love Built NY! Missy- do you own a tidy bib yet? They are so great. Hands down my favorite out of the dozens of bibs I own.

    These lunch boxes are a steal! And so cool.

  2. Yep - love the tidy bib. It's the best one. I need more of them and I don't own enough bibs.


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