Tuesday, August 28, 2007

pregnancy fashion

If you are pregnant, you might find the outfit above super appealing. It looks comfortable + stylish right? I'm not even pregnant, but the outfit almost makes me want to be.

Our first houseguest, Kathryn, tipped us off to Blush this past week. It is a topless undershirt, similar to the Bella Band, but more than just for the belly. And Blush even makes undershirts for everyone not just those expecting.

Simply put, Blush states they "help adjust the clothes you already have to fit you perfectly."

Worn like a tube top, but around the waist...I'm adding it to my favorites for when a baby #2 comes along.


  1. I really loved the rainbow stripe. I just can't decide if it's an unnecessary extra layer. Although.. it might come in really handy come month 8/9 when it seems like anyshirt/sweater shows the belly.

  2. I'll be honest...I thought it might be an extra layer as well, but if you think about wearing it below any sort of short t or with a cardigan (like pictured) it would be worth it - it's without the top layer!

  3. Its actually not even a maternity shirt. I mean they just use the pictures to show how versatile it is but you don't have to be pregnant to wear it! There is no difference between the pregnancy and the everyone blushes.......you just use the size chart to fine the best one that fits you!!

    I'm pregnant and have found that its not an "unnecessary extra layer" at all. When I don't wear one I feel like I forgot to wear my bra....it streamlines my pregnant belly! Also, I found that I am still able to wear my pre-pregnancy shirts that would have otherwise been way too short (and they still look great). I'm 6 months along!!

  4. I like the idea (clearly, only the idea as I am not pregnant) of wearing one under a cropped cardigan or something simliar (like the picture). If you look at it this way, it's not really an extra layer, but just a nice way to cover things up.

  5. i love this idea, i am only about 11 weeks along right now, but that looks so comfortable... thanks for all the great ideas all the time!!!


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