Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I can't tell you how much I love this movement of all natural. It feels good to do good {and use good}. And it's popping up everywhere. An amazing company called Von Natur {as seen in Elle and Jane magazines} is the poster child for refreshing, organic, gentle and beautiful. Von Natur translates "from nature" and they hold true to their claim: all products are vegan certified, paraben-free, and naturally derived. The packaging is feminine-funky {although several lines are marked unisex}, they smell so clean and I love finding skin care that works well!

Although Von Natur does have body, bath, makeup and extras lines, I've started with the Balance Facial Line:

balance facial cream cleanser:
extra gentle with calming lavender, healing chamomile and revitalizing and balancing cedarwood. truly creamy.

balance facial exfoliant:
balancing and soothing with aloe, coconut, jojoba and olive oil. it gives skin a naturally fresh look by leaving it soft and supple.

balance facial toner:
cucumber and chamomile help reduce redness and puffiness. refines the surface and prepares skin for any products that will be applied. it smells lovely and I love the convenience of the pre-soaked facial pads.

I'm 100% a fan. I can't wait to try more.


  1. Ooh, it sounds like something I would love. Do you know if you can get it at a drugstore or a counter at the mall? Or is it only online? It's on my "list."

  2. I too love their stuff...I have been using it for several months and it seems like someone is commenting on my skin just about everyday. My husband thinks he is living with a younger woman. How can you go wrong with that.


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