Wednesday, August 1, 2007

man bags.

Several years ago, after our pregnancy was definite and we were starting to make our first "baby" purchases, Bradley insisted on having a man diaper bag. I didn't hesitate for a second since this meant that he was willing to (and planning on) carry(ing) the load of all baby necessities that accompanied every outing. My enthusiasm for a new bag matched his. I quickly headed to the Oilily store on Newbury Street and purchased one of their colorful and unbelievably cool flower prints that was marked down to nearly a third of the original price. I made sure to get plenty of use before it was converted into a diaper bag and ever since... it still proves my favorite!

After my perfect find, I was determined to come across the same for my husband. He's definitely a canvas messenger bad kind of guy, so the Skip Hop Duo {in brown canvas} was the find I had been hoping for. We still used it weekly.

Just a couple of days ago, I got an email from one of our friends and readers. She wanted to know my favorites of the man bag options on the market. Skip Hop was my first answer of course. Others?

*the ju ju be JJB Messenger.
*diaper dude's grey diaper bag.
*dad gear's basic camo.

Are there others we should know about?


  1. I like the grey & orange (Diaper Dude)? Good finds, Kelli. I'll definitely pass along to my brother... hopefully it will encourage him to help carry the load- literally!

  2. We love our Skip Hop bag too, it works very well.


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