Monday, August 13, 2007


I grew up wearing white lace-up Keds. Actually, I had a few pairs of the white slip-ons through elementary school too. Of course, I'm loving the comeback Keds has been making the past few years. Some of my favorites:

And I've always claimed to not be a "shoe-girl" preferring flip flops and sandals instead. I need to change that.


  1. I have always loved my reef flip flops for the summer, but I have traded those in for my keds. I bought two pair because they're so comfortable and so cute!

  2. I keep on seeing them and liking them... and then realizing that they're Keds. It's a hangup for me even though it shouldn't be. I should probably give them a shot.

  3. Really Kelli?! I love Keds. They're classic.

  4. I was never in to Keds. I always went for the Converse, Adidas indoor soccer shoes or Pumas. But they have improved and I could definitely do some of those styles.


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