Wednesday, August 8, 2007

do it Greek.

I love this article. Authors of Delicious Days recently sailed the Aegean Sea and ate their way through the Greek cuisine. She (?) says, "I am all for simple things. That’s why it’s a bit of a shame to admit, that I don’t remember when I last ordered a Greek salad or made one myself before we embarked on our journey. The ingredients list is more or less known to everybody, every item is a true pleaser to my palate and yet - why is it, that despite its simplicity the biggest food surprise of our holidays is this basic salad?" Read the rest. It's a good one {and brings back lovely memories of my own Greek sailing experience several years ago. The food being close to the best part of it all!}.

Greek Salad
Recipe source: own creation
Prep time: 10min.

Ingredients (snack or side dish for 2, amounts can be adapted to personal preferences):
1 cucumber
2 large egg tomatoes
1 large red onion
1 thumb-thick slice of feta (~ 200g)
10 (or more) Calamata olives
optional: dried oregano
dress with sea salt, freshly ground back pepper, good olive oil and white wine vinegar
serve with white bread

1 Peel the cucumber, divide lengthways, then slice thickly. Cut out and remove the stem of the tomatoes and cut their flesh into thick slices or larger chunks. ‘Till now I couldn’t find equally palatable beef tomatoes they used in Greece, that’s why I went with the next best thing, egg tomatoes. Peel the red onion and cut in half lengthways, then slice. Lastly, dice the feta in bite-size cubes.

2 Nicely arrange the prepared veggies and cheese in a big bowl and decorate with Calamata olives. Best dressed right at the table with sea salt (be frugal, as the olives and feta are pretty salty), freshly ground black pepper, good olive oil and white wine vinegar (which isn’t a must for me). On two occasions the salad we ordered in Greece was served sprinkled with dried oregano - an unnecessary addition if you ask me, at least if all of the ingredients are sun-kissed and darn tasty, but you decide.

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