Saturday, August 18, 2007


Do we have any Shaklee fans? They have joined the get clean revolution with safe, biodegradable household cleaners. And First Impressions Baby is doing a small Shaklee giveaway until August 21st! Go here for details.


  1. As kids I remember "the Shaklee man" that used to bring over deliveries. I specifically remember the purple vitamins and other goods he brought. What a good company to still be around and offering even better, new products for baby and household.

  2. Great Blog! I'm always proud to see others boasting about Shaklee's Get Clean products. I really appreciate the links to the home made cleaners too. You're truly aimed at education. If your readers would like to know more about potential toxins in the home, there's a news report on the subject here:

    It's an investigative report into the industry's secrets.

    Thanks and I'm adding your blog to my favorite links on my blog too!


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