Thursday, August 9, 2007


I briefly mentioned about how my little family of three took a trip back east to stay at a beach house on Delaware's Rehoboth Beach. Besides being an uber memorable trip, I have a newfound appreciation for my comfty clothes. We flew red eye which necessitated clothing that was comfortable (since my 15 month old would be asleep on me) but not pajamas.

I turned to my favorite pieces from Gap Body. Below are my very favorites.

But you know how when you find a favorite dish at a restaurant so you always order said dish? That's kinda how I am with Gap Body. I always go for the French Terry Capris and seamless T's {in varying colors, though black white and grey are my favorite}. Does anyone have a favorite I've failed to "try"?

Well, actually, while I'm on the subject I might as well highlight my favorite J.Crew {comfort} piece of the Fall season. Skivvies. I'll take Navy Polka Dot one's...thank you!


  1. I just bought the capris you suggested and this fab wrap sweater for my trip to Australia this fall. It is about a 15 hour flight and I will be traveling with two kiddos so I definitely need to be comfy!

  2. Missy, are the pants thick, like sweatpants, or thin, like yoga pants? I want them... but I think I would like them to be more on the thick side. Are they?

    Oh- and I tried the skivvies on at JCrew the other day. I think I need to be more skinny to pull them off, but they were cute...

  3. Kathryn, they are thicker. They're soft and comfortable. I love them.

    I'll have to try the skivvies on too, but they look just delightful.

  4. Oh. I'll add those capris to my list. I'm still wanting a strapless one piece bathing suit, my new favorite shoes and now these. They look perfect! (And by the way- I'm such a fan of sleeping in the seemless tees!)

  5. Missy, I ordered them. I now have 27 pairs of "lounge" pants. Mike will be thrilled! :)

    (Just kidding on the 27... but getting there)


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