Thursday, March 27, 2008

spot on square.

I've never been one to have a celebrity crush or a need for things, but Spot On Square makes my stomach flutter. They truly did get it spot on!
"Spot On Square is on a mission to bring eco-conscious, quality furniture to modern families while making sure above all that these pieces uphold the best design quality."
With a commitment to sustainability, safety and purity in design, it's a breath of fresh air to know that our new modern children's furniture options are not only beautiful, but healthy, affordable and functional.

Bob and Nicole Springer, the lovely faces behind the products, have no doubt reached superstardom. They started their family with 3 under 18 months, sought out a new furniture option for modern tots, and soon after birthed Spot On Square by utilizing Bob's industrial design brilliance and Nicole's genius know (as an award winning teacher and mom) of what modern parents want. "It's a perfect collaboration that brings our loves and educations together; good design and children."

As a parent, it's exciting to reach major milestones, feeling the accomplishment of doing something a bit difficult (and even dreaded.. for the first time) well. With Cole's second birthday came The Hiya Toddler Bed. It suits us perfectly! The birch wood and white easily matched our pre-existing furniture, the simple design compliments our lifestyle and the easy assembly (I did it- on my own- during Oprah) and eco-friendly, non-toxic paint allowed me to breath easy. That's huge given the circumstances.
The bed has high sides to help keep your child in while sleeping; but allows you to sit at the foot of the bed to tuck them in. Choose your own color and wood finish for the head/foot board to create the best fit for your childs room. $449-625.
It was actually an amazingly gentle transition and after just 2 weeks, Cole doesn't remember anything different. He LOVES getting in and out on his own. I love that he's close to the ground at night. From crib to toddler bed (my vote over twin for many reasons) is behind us. Now we're simply left to enjoy his room that has transformed into modern gorgeous.

The Spot On Square collection also includes the hiya crib, hiya dresser, hiya nightstand, hiya shelving, and hiya changing tray. It's finally a reasonable and thrilling go to. Beware of potential furniture crush.


  1. i love the clean lines. such a great design.

  2. Did you see the wall art too? I loved it nearly just as much. Glad to hear Cole's transition is complete. Presley has been great in the big girl bed too and I am just about ready to put the nursery back into new baby form.

  3. i was just looking at their stuff the other day. i wish they made bunkbeds.


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