Monday, March 3, 2008

little uni.


Classic shapes, funky patterns, personalized, unique, handcrafted, modern, simple and sweet all perfectly represent Little Uni: a company born of two graphic designer friends (one, a mom to a set of beautiful twins) that understood the need to create baby clothes without the sailboats, baseballs, or pink, pink, pink.  

Like their tagline explains (modern, simple + sweet), their appliqués combine classic shapes with modern prints and simple messages-- each still proving perfectly baby or toddler.  Every Little Uni design is a refreshing take on onesies and/or toddler tees (lucky and oink are pictured above.. although I have a long list of favorites).   And for the most unique of gifts, personalize your favorites.  Coordinating (and comfy) pants and hats are also available here. I'm a fan.  So soft, so cool and so different.  

note: some sizes do run a bit small.  Read the order info here if you plan to purchase.


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