Thursday, March 13, 2008


Shaklee, a pioneer in planet healthy products since the 1960's, was producing biodegradable household cleaners "back when green was just a color and biodegradable was barely a word." They're the number one nutritional company in the U.S. and have even been featured on Oprah. In some ways I find myself wishing I could create my own little infomercial to show you how amazing these cleaning products really are. I am 100% completely sold. I've even gone so far as to get rid of my Windex, Clorox wipes and Mr. Clean eraser, all cleaning staples before Shaklee showed up on my doorstep.

You begin with the GET CLEAN Basic H2 (an organic super cleaning concentrate) depending on what you will be cleaning you add small amounts (read: less than 1 Tbsp.) of liquid to 16 oz. water.

My mirrors aren't streaky, my granite counter tops aren't filmy and my house is the cleanest it's been since I had Lily 4 years ago. Cleaning is fun again.

Which brings me to the Scour Off heavy duty paste.

If there is one cleaning product every mother should have, this is it. Stella scribbled on our desk with Sharpie permanent marker, this took it off instantly with no residue, Ryan moved a big screen TV upstairs and left marks on the walls and white woodwork, this got rid of them completely without ruining the finish or taking the paint off. It is a miracle cleaning product and one I will have from here on out.

The Basic H2 wipes are great for quick bathroom wipe-downs. They leave the bathroom fresh and clean with no toxins left behind. In fact all Shaklee's products are safe for you, your home and your planet. These cleaning products are worth every penny you'll spend, and in the long run, not only will you be saving by using concentrate, you'll be helping save the planet. Happy Cleaning!


  1. You make these sound PERFECT. I've been a loyal Method user for years now (they smell fantastic and work well!), but the concentrate makes Shaklee sound even better. And if it can take off Sharpie? Sold.

  2. I have the basic h2 concentrate and I love it! You use SUCH a tiny amount and it lasts forever. It has ZERO chemical(or other, really) smell. I really didn't expect it to cut through grease, but it really does a good job of pretty much everything.

  3. Brittany, I think you have just found the perfect mother's day gift for the mom who has everything. It's a no brainer in your case. I am looking forward to my new products!

  4. I love Shaklee! I grew up taking their vitamins and my mom has used Basic H for YEARS. I just placed a huge order of all this stuff - didn't know how great the heavy duty paste is so I need to get that next time - thanks for the tip!

  5. Totally and 100% agree! I, too, grew up with this company and love everything about them!

  6. My mom is a shaklee adict. They have cleaned my house, clothing, and body all my life! I know the laundry soap is a MUST have too!

  7. It's so nice to read all these wonderful comments about Shaklee. I've used them for over 40 years, they've been the best kept secret!

    I see that you've posted the Company website and even though you can buy the products there, it is the policy of the company to give your name to a Shaklee distributor for follow up.

    If you would like to support my daughter who is a single mom, her website is She would really appreciate the business.

    Or if you would like to get a free sample of the Fragrance Free Dryer Sheet which is made out of corn, feel free to go to


  8. I have been wanted to switch to the "green" cleaners for a while now. But the only thing that is holding me back is whether or not they kill germs. I haven't heard any data on if they truly disinfect and kill the germs. I have used the method bathroom wipes for about a year now and my family has gotten sick more times this year than we ever have. I don't know if it has anything to do with the wipes but it does have me a little scepticle!

  9. The GermOff does kill germs. There's a laundry list similar to standard household bleach. The product label CAN NOT SAY anything about the product being natural, so don't get scared off from using it because of the labeling -- the Basic-G & Germ-Off wipes ARE the disinfectants.

    Oh, and the hand soap -- DON'T use antibacterial hand soap -- you need to leave it on 10 minutes for it to kill the germs it claims to (who does that?) and it's harmful to wildlife and septic systems -- you're killing the bacteria that break down your waste products! Shaklee's hand cleaner is wonderful. I review the products on my website and blog -- see and I can do one-on-one toll-free presentations if anyone is interested -- you just have to contact me.


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