Friday, March 14, 2008

shea terra organics.

There is no doubt that Shea Terra Organics' founder, Tammie Umbel, is a woman on a mission. A thirty minute sit down with her can change a person's perspective on life forever. "For as long as I can remember I have wanted to change the world," save the animals, create jobs for the disadvantaged, preserve the environment. When I created Shea Terra Organics, I could have never imagined how successful it would become, but our most important goal from the start has always been to support Africa through self-empowerment and environmental programs, and bring awareness about the continent's diversity and beauty."
I've connected with Shea Terra Organics and I think that founder Tammie Umbel has in fact changed the world- at least a significant part of it. It's a company that has embraced a mission. The Shea Terra difference shows itself in not only using high quality healing products from indigenous African ingredients, but supports sustainable growth through fair trade as well as "empowering natives with the knowledge and means that they need to have self governing and healthier lives." It's a mission to honor and do our part to support (which is an easy task).

All Shea Terra Organics products are:
* 99-100% natural
*DO NOT contain sulfates, parabens, silicone, artificial coloring or synthetic fragrance
*are cruelty free
*contain 10-40% certified organic shea butter
*support unique empowerment programs in Africa, including wildlife and nature preservation and education initiatives
*are made by hand to off-set carbon waste.
Additionally, each product is packaged in recycled packaging (made from paper and pulp) and promotional materials are printed on recycled paper with soy ink.

They're certainly green, but better yet-- luxury and pure indulgence were never compromised. Years of searching and testing have finally turned up my favorite lotions and scrubs- hands down. I think you'll agree:

miombo mango silk and shea butter lotion:
an incredibly rich and moisturizing lotion (almost too thick to make its way through the pump), made of 20% organic shea butter, goat's milk and cruelty-free silk with a sweet aroma from pure mango extract, is truly heavenly. I use it daily (it's the type that lasts through a couple of hand washings) and have already gifted a bottle as a thank-you. Nothing could have said it better.

*For the month of April 2008 (to celebrate Earth Day), $2 will be donated for each Miombo Mango product sold to The Dian Fossey Gorillla Fund.

bourbon vanilla indigenous shea body butter:
ultra thick, non-greasy formula combining 40% certified organic shea butter made with sweet vanilla from Madagascar bourbon beans (only the finest that are seldom used because of their high cost). Perfect for helping with my (your?) body's imperfections: stretch marks, dry feet and unkempt cuticles. The scent is incredibly pure and subtly intoxicating.

pink guava pomegranate shea butter dead sea salt scrub:
It's my favorite of their scents, often described as fresh and sexy. Simply, it's sweet and rejuvenating. With the pomegranate's properties to tone, the sea salt's to smooth and the shea butter's to soothe, this scrub is all around healing in a very non-oily way.

Each product featured is part of a collection. Be sure to browse the rest of their extensive collection, including bath elixirs, masks and cleansers.

And to finish with some fair trade gourmet (because there's never a better time to justify chocolate): this Divine Chocolate is all that it claims to be! "...You can fulfill your desires without the guilt." Throw some into your cart for an easy pick-me-up.

t+t deals and discounts:
all readers can receive 20% off any products on their site with code: "tangled". Expires next Friday, 3/21.


  1. I just ordered some YUMMY sounding stuff, including a dark chocolate cocoa body scrub. Can't wait to get it! And I got free shipping for having over a certain amount in my order...together with the T&T discount, it was like getting something for free.

    Thanks for a great recommendation!!

  2. Linda, I never saw the dark chocolate body scrub. Sounds amazing. I'm glad you could take advantage of the discount! And I love their philanthropy.


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