Wednesday, March 12, 2008

fierce hugs.

They say that "it's the same old story: two friends who share a passion for art and a desire to create unique infant clothing text messaging each other in increasingly fervid e-brainstorming sessions, until overnight it all coalesces into an eco-friendly, socially responsible, woman owned business, which they promptly name Fierce Hugs, Inc."

But what sets their baby-wear (made of 100% organic cotton by using fair labor) apart from the "same old" proves not only the fierce love that is invested into each tee, but the refreshing non-generic look (read: wearable art) and super soft feel, packaged in very cool gift boxes.

You see, Fierce Hugs supports original works by independent illustrators and artists "to create delightfully eclectic images that are playfully offbeat and mildly edgy in a fuzzy, baby-safe way."

For example, a marmalade jar chasing a strawberry? Delightfully unique and perfectly imaginative.

The green? Fierce Hugs, a member of he Organic Trade Association, clearly uses organic cotton. "The point is this: conventional cotton farming is one of the most environmentally unfriendly crops worldwide. This is bad. Fortunately, sustainable agriculture is the answer. This is good." Read more about organic cotton (like the fact that about 1/3 of a pound of pesticides is in every non-organic cotton t-shirt you own) here.

green deal + discount: All Tangled and True readers will receive $5 off any order with code: D05FTTB. note: that's a zero between the D and the 5. Happy shopping.

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