Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Anamalz is a line now carried by Target, right next to our favorite Schleich animals.. so I took notice. They're an original and award winning animal range made from organic maple wood and textile products.
"anamalz have unique characteristics which make them warm and appealing. Each piece has its own wood grain and individual markings that make them different from one piece to the next. Handcrafted and integrated with textiles, we have given our range the ability to move.

anamalz look left and right, up and down and stand in different poses. This inspires hours of creative play. They are a unique gift, a story teller, a toy and a companion."
Amamalz come in the wild, farm or Australian variety, each with it's own cool facts and characteristics. For example: did you know that echidnas (also known as spiny anteaters) are good swimmers and are called "puggles" when they are babies- still in the pouch. I love clever learning tools.


  1. Oh I like! So fabulous that I can purchase them at target. I will have to take a peek next time I am there. I know my oldest would like playing with those.

  2. kelli, where at Target? I have never seen these at our Target, but they are very cool. I'll have to see if the bigger Target carries them when we go to my parents this weekend!

  3. we got three of these the other week...wait...did you hear about these from ash? we found them together! :)
    anywho...we LOVE them! from 7 months to 3 years {in our house}...approved and loved! :)

  4. They have them at my local target by all of the European toys.

    Emily, Ashley did tell me about them but I had already scouted them out. :) Glad to hear that they're lovable.

  5. oo, I'm going to have to check them out. I am glad that people are pushing wooden toys over plastic lately. these are really cute.

    do you know what the average price per piece is? i tried, but they didn't pop up.

  6. I think they were $7/8 each.

  7. The one I checked was made in China, so one can't be too sure about the integrity of the toy. I would love to know if they are totally safe though, because they are so cute!


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