Friday, March 7, 2008

green week(s):

I understand that there is a common aversion to the word green. It's become trendy to live and buy green, almost as much as leather loafers were the hot item if you lived in Texas in 1992. And I'm the personality to shy away from all things cool, making my own cool and ultimately staying true to myself, which I've never let pop culture define. But this is different. This is revolutionary and I'm thrilled that organic, sustainable, non-toxic and socially responsible, etc.
have all become easy to find and/or adhere to. Even more so, the world is finally catching on and coming together for a good cause. Three cheers!

So, given that we at Tangled and True grew up celebrating St. Patrick's Day, a holiday plastered in green, and additionally have taken to all-natural, quality and unique from the beginning, we jumped at the opportunity to share plenty of it with you: welcome to several weeks of green reviews, giveaways and discounts (for the remainder of March, starting tomorrow). It's only our humble attempt to share what we've found, but here's to the little things! Everyone can do something. The home is a perfect beginning.

Good luck with your own green efforts.


  1. i know a girl who refuses to "go green" because it's what everybody is doing....i say who cares about the source, i care about the results. good for you guys!

  2. Great idea! I'm looking forward to it!


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