Friday, March 28, 2008

bit by bit.

We've had fun these last three weeks celebrating green for March. Domino Magazine's editor might have said it best in March's issue when she concludes her letter titled "an ode to the little things" with:
"We're all making a difference, bit by bit. And in that spirit, it's good to remind ourselves that many of the world's biggest changes have begun with small steps."
We hope to have passed along a little motivation to do just that: change bit by bit. Good luck with your own green efforts.. something I'm excited to embrace.

As a reminder, several of the fantastic green companies we've highlighted this month are offering all tangled and true readers worthy deals + discounts:

Tomo & Edie: 20% off [email with a mention of Tangled and True]
Fierce Hugs: $5 off with code D05FTTB (note: that's a zero between the D and 5)
Happy Green Bee: 25% off [call 1.800.209.0094 and mention Tangled and True]
Natty Girl: 15% off with code Tangled
Blooming Lotus: 20% off with code truegreen
bioME5: $5 off + free domestic shipping with code Tangled

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