Monday, March 10, 2008


10 cc slots. Holds stacks of photos and about 1 kg of coins.

If you're an appreciator of originality or are always on the search for the perfect gift for that perfect someone who likes cool things (which could include you), this is the find of the month: FREITAG bags. It's an ingenious company started by Swiss graphic designer brothers- Markus and Daniel Freitag- who were on the search for a "functional, tough, and water-resistant bag to carry their designs." ("Zurich locals ride bikes. And they get rained on a lot.")
Inspired by the colorful traffic on the highway extension in front of their apartment, they sewed together a messenger bag from an old truck tarp, took seat belts for straps and used a spare bicycle inner tube to keep the edges from fraying. Quite unintentionally, the brothers landed a hit.
Their production process is pretty amazing. Their products are equally impressive.



f14 Dexter messenger bag, $195*
slim size, two-step extension, hip-belt and extra compartments in its pockets
*using this currency converter

You see.. it's brilliant: messenger bags (well, what started as a messenger bag has become a production of over 40 different products) made of truck tarps yield sturdy, colorful and one-of-a-kind products. For the green? All FRIETAG products are made from original, recycled materials: tarps, seat belts, used air bags and bicycle inner tubes. The f14 (pictured above) has a "two step extension with velcro closure to fit anything from a MacBook sleeve (unextended) to your little sister (extended)." The versatility combined with compartments galore and FRIETAG durability creates the perfect messenger bag.
Because the materials are tough, the products are too. Because we’re Swiss, our quality standards are too. And because it is made from an original piece of tarp, every single FREITAG product has its own, individual design.
FRIETAG has been at it for over 10 years now, with their products spread out world-wide among 350 discerning shops. Products are available in FRIETAG's online store (here) or at a store near you. They're witty and thoughtful and very rockin'.

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